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Adepts of Terminus

Adepts of Terminus

«Adepts of Terminus», also known as AT (in French, AT and "Atheist" are pronounced in the same way, LOL), take their name from the fact that they believe that people's lives have an end. Their religious thought achieves the synthetic and rectifying fusion of deism and atheism. As such, AT thought represents the crowning achievement of the philosophical and religious evolution of humanity.

Foundations of the AT doctrine

When they die, individuals are weighed, not according to their behaviour, but according to their faith. "Terminus" is the true name of the spiritual force that carries out the sorting.

Terminus is righteous, venerable, full of goodness, and His spirit is devoid of all vengeance. The cult of Terminus consists in attributing only praiseworthy intentions to Him. Terminus asks men to forgive their enemies, but, unlike false gods who do not follow the commandments they have given, He does not threaten poor sinners with the worst punishments. He, who never imagined a single cruelty, how could human stupidity spread the idea that He invented eternal torments? Rather than spreading such calumnies, it would be better not to believe in God. He remains, however, placid in His infinite goodness and unalterable in His perfection. The Truth reveals itself spontaneously to well-disposed minds.

To a certain extent, Terminus accesses the desires of humans.

In all equity, each deceased person will be given the fate that he or she thought was right for others to suffer. More precisely, immediately after death, each person will suffer the worst of the fates that his or her beliefs have destined for some of his or her co-religionists. In particular, Christians will go to hell, Buddhists will be reborn into an inferior being and atheists will be deprived of resurrection. The intensity of the punishment will be individually regulated, in proportion to each person's faith, and each deceased person will only suffer such torments as he believed Terminus was capable of.

Thus, Terminus does not punish, but lets everyone punish themselves freely, in the way he thought.

As for social relations, they are, for the AT, regulated by the respect of human rights.

Meditation practice AT

AT meditation is an individual activity. There is no demand to join a community, which shows that AT is not a sect. The activities of the AT movement are totally non-profit making: no collection, no church tax, no fundraising. The complete detachment, total purity and perfect integrity of the movement are clear evidence of the superiority of AT over traditional religions.

The tuning of the mind to the will of Terminus brings peace and frees the AT from eternal suffering. AT meditation consists of two levels of elevation:

  1. Drive out of oneself any intention to inflict suffering on others, including one's worst enemies.
  2. Eradicate from one's conscience any accusation that Terminus wants to persecute poor sinners. Since the aim is to purify the image of Terminus, referring to a traditional religion is not a valid excuse.

It should be noted that the consequences in the afterlife are the same for AT and atheists. On the other hand, the followers of traditional religions condemn themselves to eternal suffering, unless they convert to the AT doctrine, or become atheists.

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